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The Titles of the PhD Dissertations Defended at the Dzerzhinsky Higher School of the KGB in 1980

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Title: The Titles of the PhD Dissertations Defended at the Dzerzhinsky Higher School of the KGB in 1980

Compiled by Lt. Colonel N. I. Fedosenko 

Publication: Volume 28-29, Papers of the Dzerzhinsky Higher School of the KGB, Moscow, 1983, pages 509-518. Classified as Top Secret.

Translated by Filip Kovacevic, PhD

This list has never been officially declassified by the Russian government and is published here in English translation for the first time.

P. Z. Borisenko, “The Participation of the KGB in the Prevention of the Hostile Ideological-Political Influences by the Adversary on the Soviet Citizens Through the Programs of Cultural Exchange.”

V. S. Goborov, “The Use of Operative Hypothesis in Establishing the Facts of Hostile Activities of the Individuals Under Surveillance.”

A. A. Guguev, “The Motivation for the Collaboration of the Individuals of Jewish Nationality Recruited by the KGB as Agents in the Struggle Against Zionism.”

V. M. Zorin, “The Training of the Agents of the KGB Counterintelligence Services.”

V. I. Klenov, “The Criminal Law Regulations in Japan Regarding the Protection of State Secrets.”

V. I. Kravtsov, “The Administrative-Legal Measures for the Protection of State Secrets in the Soviet Union and the Path to Their Improvement.”

G. V. Krisinel, “External Surveillance in Intelligence Operations.”

I. N. Kuksin, “The Limits of the Soviet Criminal Law and Their Impact on the Struggle Against the Subversive Activities of the Adversary.”

V. N. Mayorov, “The Current Problems in the Struggle of Soviet Counterintelligence Services against the Ideological Diversions of the Adversary Directed Against the Soviet Socialist Democracy.”

V. E. Ovchinnikov, “The Counterintelligence Search as a Type of Operation by the State Security Services in Exposing the Facts and Signs of the Subversive Activities of the Adversary.”

A. A. Ostroumov, “The Theory and Practice of Detection by the KGB Counterintelligence Services of the Enemy Agents Receiving One-Sided Radio Transmissions from the Intelligence Services of the Adversary.”

Yu. A. Penkov, “The Detection by the KGB Military Counterintelligence of the Espionage Activities of the Intelligence Services of the Adversary Aimed at the Collection of Information about the Soviet Strategic Missile Forces.”

M. E. Petrachkov, “The Formation of the American Espionage Network on the Territory of the Occupied Germany for the Intelligence Activities Against the Soviet Union.”

A. I. Petrenko, “The Socio-Psychological Aspects of the Interpersonal Relations Between the Intelligence Officer and the Agent.”

A. A. Petrov, “The Problems of the Moral Justification for the Relationship of Secret Collaboration between the Agents and the KGB Counterintelligence Services.”

A. M. Pivovarov, “The Assessment and Verification of the Initial Signals of the Possible Espionage Activities by Some Soviet Citizens.”

G. A. Popov, “Some Aspects of the Struggle of the Soviet State Security Against the Ideological Diversions against the Soviet Union by the Foreign Religious (Christian) Organizations.”

B. A. Romanov, “The Theory and Practice of the Formation of Goals and the Selection of Methods for the Espionage Penetration of the Adversary for Counterintelligence Purposes.”

V. I. Savelev, “The Set of Measures for the Struggle of the KGB Counterintelligence Against the Intelligence Services of the Adversary which Use Legal Opportunities for the Economic Relations with the Soviet Union for Intelligence Collection.”

I. M. Sazonov, “The Factors Influencing the Emergence of pro-Zionist and Anti-Soviet Views and Activities Among the Soviet Citizens of Jewish Nationality and the Measures to Counteract Them by the KGB.”

V. D. Sarayev, “The Psycho-Pedagogic Bases for the Operational-Technical Training of the External Surveillance Officers.”

G. N. Taygachev, “The Methodological Questions in the Study of the Subversive Propaganda of the Maoists.”

V. A. Tolkachev, “The Basic Methods for Making the Positive Effect on the Individuals Who Are Subject to the KGB Prophylactic Measures.”

A. M. Ukhal, “The Unique Features of the Recruitment of the Agents of the Soviet State Security among the Ukrainian Nationalists.”

V. P. Tsapenko, “The Detection and Investigation of the Substances for Secret Writing by Using the Method of Laser Mass Spectrometry.”